Mergers & Acquisitions

Vimtra is currently acquiring companies that provide information technology services, product-based businesses, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare solutions.

We specialized in Asset Purchase, Stock Purchase, Mergers and Reverse Mergers in both domestic and cross-border transactions.


Our global team of seasoned professionals helps organization across all industries in evaluating the strategic rationale and viable candidates for a Joint Venture or acquisition, assessing the potential costs and risks, and providing guidance on local customs and integration challenges. Our presence in many countries and regions provides us with unique experience and insights that can make all the difference when it comes to dealing with varied corporate cultures and operating styles. We also develop and manage the level of trust and mutual understanding between the participants through our "straight talk" approach.

Our Collaboration

We collaborate with firms in the financial, information technology, software, animation, health care, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, and services sectors that want to grow organically. In their respective verticals, we specialize in representing purchasers who are financial, information technology, software, animation, health care, pharmaceutical, infrastructure, or service organizations.

Our Assistance

We assist with small and medium-sized business operators who are looking for strategic exits through mergers and acquisitions. Our one-of-a-kind strategy to bringing businesses to market will provide you with a variety of deal possibilities and better deals.

Our Approach

We discreetly engage your company and conduct a feasibility assessment. We have the resources to close a deal quickly and the vision to see the opportunities for growth that your company provides.

Our Targets

Our typical targets are companies with $5 to $150 million in revenue situated in North America, Asia, Australia, or the Middle East who are looking to strategically integrate or exit their business. We specialize in acquiring companies in the fields of information technology, software, animation, health care, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, and services.